AVK is certified according to the requirements of Standard ISO 9001:2015 for Audiovisual Services, including:

  • Video, Sound and Lighting Equipment Rental;

  • Recording, Processing and Image Diffusion Equipment Rental and Operation;

  • Video production;

  • AV Technical Support;

  • Design, Construction and Assembly of Structures and rigging.

This certification, unique in the country in this field of activity, reflects the commitment of AVK in the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction and effectiveness of its organization through the implementation of an adequate and effective quality management system, in which are involved all employees. It also highlights the existence of an organization and human and material resources capable of ensuring that the services provided meet the legal requirements and the needs and expectations of customers.

About us

The forms and communication mediums for and between participants in Events have evolved and continue to evolve at a startling pace, keeping up with the challenges and opportunities generated by globalization and technological development. There are now more ways to communicate than ever before.

AVK offers support to its clients when exploring the most innovating technological solutions to make your communication more efficient.Supplying global and adaptive solutions to your needs. Many projects and events require multimedia and multi-platform elements for an efficient communication. Others need only auxiliary elements of communication. AVK offers global communication solutions that are adapted to the needs and budget availabilities of our clients.