Quality Policy

The basic principles of AVK's management are to satisfy or even exceed the levels of service contracted with its customers, in order to guarantee their loyalty and thus ensure the continuous and sustained development of the company. As part of a business strategy of excellence, the Administration is committed to ensuring the sustained operation of the Quality Management System at AVK, based on the applicable requirements of the NP EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard. The Administration also undertakes to implement a dynamic Quality Management System that ensures the monitoring, evaluation and analysis of the results of the established processes, thus betting on the continuous improvement of its effectiveness. The implemented Quality Management System supports the implementation of the following attitudes:
1) A commitment to improving the quality of Customer Service
The quality and innovation guarantee of the services provided are the driving force for the planning and conduct of the AVK activity, always taking into account the expectations and needs of each of its customers and strict compliance with the regulations and guidelines of the sector.
AVK wants to be considered a trusted partner by all who seek its services.
2) A bet on the innovation and quality of the solutions presented.
AVK invests significant resources in the differentiation of its equipment and services, since it is aware that only in this way can it ensure the maintenance of its reputation as an innovative company in the field of audiovisual solutions. To this end, AVK works closely with its Clients and suppliers to achieve the concepts advanced by Clients, in order to ensure the innovation of the means and forms of communication used.
AVK wants to be among the best suppliers of audiovisual solutions in Portugal.
3) Adoption of an open business culture based on sound ethical principles
AVK is aware that its employees are the basis of the company's success and guarantee of its growth. This is the reason for the existence of a flat hierarchy, which bets strongly on the commitment of its human resources in the improvement of operational processes. This model allows the implementation of an entrepreneurial culture based on responsibility and trust. This model also allows the company to adopt a corporate positioning to respect the legal and statutory requirements applicable to the AVK activity.
AVK is aware of its environment and the company's responsibility to meet the needs and expectations of its stakeholders. It undertakes to take into account these needs and expectations in the establishment of its strategies.
4) Establishment of partnerships
AVK takes into account the strategic importance of its suppliers when it analyzes their performance and defines their strategy. It is about using existing expertise and knowledge in a cumulative way to increase the efficiency of operational processes.
5) Consciousness of the impact on the environment
The protection of the environment is for AVK not only a must but a matter of principle.
AVK is committed to a rational use of existing resources and to the conscious and responsible disposal of waste resulting from the activity.
At the same time, AVK invests in energy-saving equipment in order to reduce its ecological footprint.

About us

The forms and communication mediums for and between participants in Events have evolved and continue to evolve at a startling pace, keeping up with the challenges and opportunities generated by globalization and technological development. There are now more ways to communicate than ever before.

AVK offers support to its clients when exploring the most innovating technological solutions to make your communication more efficient.Supplying global and adaptive solutions to your needs. Many projects and events require multimedia and multi-platform elements for an efficient communication. Others need only auxiliary elements of communication. AVK offers global communication solutions that are adapted to the needs and budget availabilities of our clients.